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Check Out My Roofing/Coating DIY BLOG!
It Has tons of useful information for the aspiring DIY expert.  Roof Repair Techniques, Rust proofing, repairing different all different types of roofs, and how to apply your own energy star certified  "COOL ROOF" TO HELP YOU SAVE UP TO 30% OFF YOUR COOLING BILL  during Fresno's notoriously hot summers!

Have a complicated Request other than simple Roofing or Painting?  Check out our updated services list below:

- Roof Inspections and Certifications!

-  Roof Coatings & Repairs on Flat/Low Slope Roofs!

- Traditional Re-Roofing and Coatings on all roofs!

- Foam Roof Restoration and Energy Star COOL Roofing!

- Carport/Awning Construction and Repair!

- Mobile Home Roof Restoration and Repair!

- Residential Roofing, Coatings, and Repairs!

- Commercial Painting &  Anti-Rust Coatings!

- Cold Storage Thermal Barrier Insulation Coatings!

-  Specialty Industrial Coating Applications of all types and  much more!

   - If you have some sort of project requiring epoxy, or any other type of coating or you think that a coating could be a solution - call us and we'll come check it out and provide an estimate free of charge because chances are that we can provide that service!

Free Estimates & Personal Service:

 It costs you nothing to have us come out and give you a free Inspection/Report and detailed bid proposal so you can see how much we can save you over our larger, (bloated), overpriced (yet easy to find online) competitors!




Before and After: Energy Star Polyfabric embedded in liquid applied elastomeric coating.

  A leaky roof like the one above can cause mold & Insect infestations, and it will eventually cause the supporting members to rot causing the structure to collapse! 

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- Mobile Coatings and Maintenance is a CA  licensed contractor and is fully Insured.

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